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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Speech by Debbie Robinson presented to President Clinton

Thank you Mr. President for having us here and listening to our issues.

People with disabilities now have a civil rights movement. It’s made a difference in lots of people with disabilities lives. People are living independent lives now.

Jobs – more people having job opportunity, not as much as we want it to be but much more than years ago they wouldn’t have even looked at people with disabilities.

Transportation-paratransit is now in other counties. There are lifts on buses. We are now more accepted on buses. The ADA has made people more independent to take buses on their own with the bus lifts, ADA has made it possible for us to work with policy makers in our local transportation company. It’s made it easier for people to travel.

Accessible housing – the ADA has made more housing and supports for people to live in the community.

More choices to fight for equal justice, get lawyers, help fight for their rights if they are mistreated. People can’t be pushed around now. We trying to use the ADA to get people out of institutions.

Mr. President – Please keep continuing supporting our civil rights movement.

-Debbie Robinson 9/10/1997