Mission Statement

(Adopted by the SFO Board of Directors on 5/18/22)

1. To eliminate institutions.

2. To give the opportunity for freedom and free choices.

3. To make sure that people are heard and listened to in any way
that they can communicate.

4. To come together to support and help each other live fulfilling and
happy lives.

5. To be reminded of people’s rights, and also their responsibilities.

6. To take political action when needed, and to respect each other’s
views and their right to discuss them or to keep them private.

7. To be a supportive friend community.

8. Provide opportunities to learn new things together.

9. To broaden our interests.

10. To share life experiences.

11. To live an everyday and self-determined life.

12. To always remember who is in charge… YOU!

Our Board of Directors

Debbie Robinson, Executive Director

Rick Giovannucci, Board President

Thalia Dafermos. Chester County Chapter Advisor tdafermos@gmail.com

Bill Krebs, President of the Philadelphia Chapter

Yahannas Tabb-Bey, President of the Chester County Chapter

Lynette Savoy

Jim Colbert (Advisor)

Sean Outen (Advisor)

Betsy Ney

Rosa McAllister