Roland Johnson Passes

We sadly miss Roland Johnson, our Past Board President who died in 1994. He was sorely missed, and he was a big part of us.

In memory of Roland, we were a part of making a quilt in his honor.

Roland’s quilt is about his life. We used his favorite colors, and the things that mattered to him. Family and friends were invited to contribute to the making of the quilt panel in memory of Roland. There were 3 themes; his church and family, his home and personal life, and Speaking For Ourselves and his public life. As part of the church and family theme, there were Bible verse needlepoints and the dove representing his Church. The applique of his house is surrounded by the things that mattered in his personal life, like his cat Mittens and the frog that hung on the bulletin board in his hospital room. The logo for Speaking For Ourselves, a self-advocacy organization, was used as the center of his public life, the gavel stood for the years he was president of the Philadelphia chapter of Speaking For Ourselves and for the four years that he was president of the Board, and vice president of the national self-advocacy organization.